Two Sudans

The human shape of the planet is constantly changing, so that the map of the world needs to be drawn every once in a while. On this 9th of July we are witnessing the birth of a new nation, with the south of Sudan officially becoming independent from its northern (now) neighbour. The following gridded population cartogram shows the population distribution within and between these two nations, giving every person living in the region the same amount of space. For the much smaller population in the south it will be hard work ahead in building a new nation, and for statisticians it will be similar hard work to improve on the population data that went into the creation of this map, as the pattern shows how crude the information about the population distribution in some parts of the two countries is – however, it still gives a good indication of where people living in the two new Sudans that are now on the world map:

Map / Gridded Population Cartogram of Sudan in 2011
(click for larger map)

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