Visitors of the World 2012

2012 has been a quite busy year on this website with the number of annual visitors breaking the 100,000 mark for the first time. The analytics tool Piwik which I use for monitoring my website counted precisely 113,359 visits in 2012, up from almost 90,000 the year before. So thanks everyone for visiting either once (as 85,000 people did) or as one of the 16,800 more regular visitors. This asks for a new map that’s showing, where each of the counted visits came from last year: 176 individual countries were counted, as well as a larger number of unknown origins (and of course all those who prefer blocking any analytics tool, they do not appear in any of these statistics). Despite such a large diversity of visits from around the world, the majority comes from places that one may expect, given certain characteristics of this website (language, location, etc.), and also given the accessibility of the internet, which until today remains a very unequal story, even if availability of the online world slowly finds its way to the less privileged places on this planet. But I digress, so here is the map of all visits to in 2012:

Cartogram / Map of the Visitors to in 2012
(click for larger version)

As the diagram in the large version of the map shows, the top number of visits last year by far were counted from the USA (46,458 to be precise – I suspect very few from Alaska even if the map suggests otherwise – but this is caused by my ignorance of treating the shape of the USA as one large piece of land). A giant leap behind follows the the United Kingdom (17,496) from where I currently maintain this blog, followed by Germany on rank 3 with 6,107 visitors. In case you wonder about the size of Antarctica where a stunning 2,168 visits are shown: Sadly my counter did not track any penguin (or else) visiting from down there, so that left space for all the unknown visitors to be allocated down there.

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