Europe in Brazil

Much has been said about Europe’s low performance at this year’s Football (Soccer) World Cup in Brazil. Defending champion Spain and also Italy went out in the first round of the tournament. However, with not only Germany and the Netherlands, but also Belgium, France, Greece and Switzerland six teams from Europe made it into the knockout stage. Two of them are still left in the semi-finals. Overall on an global level this looks much less unsuccessful than it sounded in some of the media – only some of the balances have changed within the continent compared to the previous tournament. While waiting for the semi-finals, we now looked at how the European teams performed so far. Here is the new shape of European football as it looks prior to the semi-finals (with Germany and the Netherlands still having the chance to become even bigger in these four maps):

Map of Europe's performance at the 2014 Football/Soccer World Cup in Brazil
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In case you missed it, in the previous map on this website we looked at the world cup from a more global perspective in the World Cup Bites. More football/soccer-related maps on this blog can be found here. For the slightly less sports-interested people, you may find other more-or-less serious map oddities interesting. More maps about Europe can be found at the Europemapper project and the resulting recently published book:

The Social Atlas of Europe
The Social Atlas of Europe
by Dimitris Ballas, Danny Dorling, Benjamin Hennig

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