Visualising your UK constituency

The UK general election is fast approaching. Following the first almost-debate of the would-like-to-be Prime Ministers the battle for the ‘correct’ interpretation of the state of the nation has come into its final stage. Statistics are easy to twist, and there is never an absolute truth in them. In a collaboration with the Office for National Statistics I was involved in the creation of a little interactive visualisation feature that sheds light on some key statistics that show life in the constituencies around the country. Using a conventional map and a hexagon cartogram of the United Kingdom we looked at house prices, income, public sector employment, education, age, migration, and health which can be interactively explored and compared in both map views. The following map is one example from that feature, showing the share of people not born in the United Kingdom:

Cartogram and map showing the share of the population born abroad in the United Kingdom
(click for larger version)

Further statistics can be explored in this interactive showing the hexagon cartogram that I contributed to the feature. You can explore this map by hovering over the hexagons, choose a different topic, or search for a specific place:

Cartogram and map showing the share of the population born abroad in the United KingdomThe full feature including both maps and providing additional context can be found here:
Visualising your Constituency: Interactive feature on Visual.ONS

The content on this page has been created by Benjamin Hennig and is part of a collaboration with the UK Office for National Statistics. Please contact me for further details on the terms of use.

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