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Gordon Brown warned against ‘scaremongering’ over immigration today, but few has been said about those who leave the United Kingdom. For the BBC, the Sasi Research Group had a look at migration into Britain, and there has also been a feature on Brits abroad. These two dimensions assembled together give a quite good view on the patterns of the United Kingdom as a crossroad of migration flows, and questions, what we should be more worried about: Those that are coming, or perhaps those, that are leaving the country. In fact, in equal number to those arriving, Britains move abroad, and the countries linked to these flows are widespread. The following map shows an extract of these flows, that we recently mapped by using new flow mapping techniques (different to the choropleth maps at the BBC features):

Immigration and Emigration flows of the United Kingdom on a globe(view large map)

The following map draft shows the whole picture of these flows which are shown above:
Immigration and Emigration flows of the United Kingdom(view large map)

Please note that the maps are still a work-in-progress. Details on data and techniques, as well as better designed versions will be available when the work on it has been completed. These maps were also featured in a talk given at the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution: “Preparing for “Peak Population”: The United Kingdom within the world’s demographic change” (the full slides for this talk are available on Slideshare).
And also good to know: Ten reasons why migrants are not the problem.
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