US Election 2010: Mapping Senators and Governors

The previous post on this website already featured the map of the vote share in the US Congress related to the population distribution. But beyond the House of Representatives the voters in many US states had more to decide on: 37 Senate seats as well as 37 Governors were on the ballot paper. Here are the missing maps for these elections, shown in cartogram manner again. As the Senate grants each state the same number of Senators, a population-centric projection is less useful in this case. The following map thus transforms each state to have the same space on this map, so that the senate’s power distribution is better reflected in this depiction. The map only displays the results of last Tuesday’s election to the US Senate:

Map of the 2010 US midterm election results: Senate cartogram
(click for larger version)

I have chosen the same form of visualisation for the results of the governors elections – again, each state has the same area on the following map, so that the State’s are equally represented in this cartogram and allow a comparison of the power nationwide:

Map of the 2010 US midterm election results: Governors cartogram
(click for larger version)

These are the numbers, and there is certainly a lot of debate about the consequences of this year’s midterms, not least for Obama’s presidency. A quite interesting visualisation of their reader’s moods about the election outcome has been created by the New York Times. They asked for one word that describes their reader’s state of mind about the results and put this into an interactive “word train” feature: The New York Times 2010 Midterm Mood Train.

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