In Focus: Global Population Shifts

Political InsightAccording to recent estimates by the UN, the world’s population will reach 7 billion some time this year, and rise to over 10 billion by 2100. In an article for the “In Focus” section of Political Insight (September 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2) Danny Dorling and I show where the population is growing and where it is declining.
The map we created for this feature shows not only the growth and decline in relation to the global population distribution, but also highlights the places that are in growth an decline in two separate maps. This is a preview of the maps that we created for the article:
Global Population Shifts 1990-2015 Preview map
Here are the bibliographic details:

  • Dorling, D. and Hennig, B. D. (2011). In Focus: Global Population Shifts. Political Insight2 (2): 34.
    Article online (Wiley)

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