The European Union – Politics and People

Wirtschaftswoche Europakarten

Starting with the electorate in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom today, voters all across the European Union are going to the polls to elect a new European Parliament (while most of the EU member states hold their vote on Sunday after which the results will be announced). Well, not all voters go to the polls: In 2009 the turnout at the European elections was at an all-time low of 43%. Whether the unusually passionate debate about this year’s election converts into a higher turnout remains to be seen. Undoubtedly these elections come at a critical point in the history of the European Union: With the financial crisis still having a high impact on many member states, and with far right and nationalist parties having gained ground at least in the public debates (and probably also in the forthcoming European Parliament), the few who do cast their vote will quite likely have a considerable impact onto the forthcoming European politics. The following series of cartograms shows Europe’s cartographic shapes in the current political climate. They were created for a contribution to the German Wirtschaftswoche magazine (see image above) in the buildup to the elections and show a mix of political, economic and population-related topics that form todays Europe:

The European Union: Politics and People - Maps
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