London Borough Elections 2014

The London borough elections were held on May 22nd. A total of 1851 council seats (and also four mayoralties) were contested in 32 of the 33 boroughs in the British capital. The following map series produced for the Londonmapper Project shows the distribution of 1843 of the seats in the local councils as published on the London Councils election website (five seats in Tower Hamlets were still missing from the results, while the remaining seats are elected at postponed elections in a few of the wards). The maps show the individual distribution for each of the five main parties, i.e. Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Green Party (in order of their total number of seats) as well as Others (which are independent candidates as well as groups that only stood in individual borough, such as Tower Hamlets First who won 18 seats there). These are the new political shapes of London after what has been a small political earthquake in the country:

London Borough Elections 2014 - Vote Distribution
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The above maps exclude any political perspective on the City of London because voting follows different rules there. As London Councils explains, “local elections in the City of London work differently to the rest of the capital. There are 25 wards or voting districts. Each ward elects an Alderman and between two and ten Commoners to represent them in the Court of Common Council. For Common Councilmen, elections are held every four years. The next are due in March 2017. Aldermanic elections are held as required, as Aldermen serve a term of six years.

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