A History of Election Results in Britain

The Road to No 10 is a rough one, full of potholes this year. And as everyone’s waiting for the results of the General Election 2010, there are still a few hours left to have a look at election results in retrospect. The following maps step back in history. On the first map we show a representation of the winning party in a constituency projected on a gridded population cartogram – click the map for a large version of the map:
Winners of the British General Election 2005 shown on a gridded population cartogramThe left of the following two maps shows the total number of (then winning) Labour votes in the 2010 election, projected onto the UK’s population cartogram and thus giving a clue of the relation of Labour support to the population distribution back in those days. The right map is an animation of all election results since 1832, with each circle representing one constituency (this map is a previous work of the Sasi Research Group).

Total numbers of Labour votes in the UK 2005 General Election
(click for larger view)
Results of the General Elections in Great Britain from 1832 to 2005
(click for larger view)

For those few undecided or those who are bored waiting for the results: Watch this talk on Tackling Social Inequality – Will your vote make a difference?

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