General Election 2010: A Population Cartogram

Another map of the British election results: This time we mapped all winning parties in relation to the population distribution. Like in the previous maps (Here: 1, 2, 3), we used the gridded population cartogram as a basemap, because unlike conventional maps (showing land area) or the increasingly used constituency maps (showing one shape per constituency), this maps resizes the results related to the population distribution. It shows, how many people are represented by the winning party, and each grid cell refers to the same geographical extent. The smaller a grid cell, the fewer people are living there, so that rural areas are those were many lines are close together, whereas conurbations literally bulge out of the map. For better identification, some places are labeled, so that the geographical reference is easier to make (see the second version below for more detail). So here is the true picture of the people’s vote in Britain:
A true map of the British General Election results 2010: The people's vote

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