British General Election Results 2010

Decision day is gone – and no decision on the future administration yet. The British General Election will be keeping us (and the politicians) busy for a while, so there is plenty of time for an analysis of the election results. This map shows the winning parties in all constituencies (the results from Thirsk & Malton where added on May, 27) mapped on the gridded population cartogram of Great Britain.

Winners of the British General Election 2010 mapped on a gridded population cartogram(click map for larger view)

Technical notes: This cartogram reflects the real population distribution in Great Britain and thus the total number of people living in an area. Each grid cell thus represents the same physical area, but is resized according to the number of people living in this area. We used the British National Grid as a reference projection. More gridded cartograms and further information on the techniques that we used to create these maps can be found on the worldmapper website at

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