A Blue Planet

Maney, the publishers of the Cartographic Journal have today released their Maney Feature of the Month ‘Cartography & Surveying’ about cartography and surveying. Part of that feature is my contribution about some of the mapping results of my PhD research. It focuses on a series of maps that show the gridded cartogram technique applied to various themes from the human and physical environment, and briefly explains the underlying method.
As this blog entry also happens to be the 100th post on the Views of the World website, I have created a new version of the gridded world population cartogram. The map shows our blue planet a little brighter than the version that I created for the Maney feature (which puts the main focus on the topographic display), and also displays the major rivers traversing the spaces of humanity as pulsing arteries of an essential element. This is the ‘Blue Human Planet’:

Map of a Blue Planet: Gridded Population Cartogram of the World
(click for larger map)

The full Maney-Feature can be accessed via the following links. From 1 July to 15 August 2011 Maney Publishing is also lifting all access restrictions on over 60 journal articles to make them available free of charge.

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